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Sunlite 22-in 9w LED Linkable Under Cabinet Light Fixture CCT Tunable

Sunlite 22-in 9w LED Linkable Under Cabinet Light Fixture CCT Tunable

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UNDER CABINET LIGHTS- The Sunlite LED Linkable Under Cabinet Light fixture are a great addition to giving your kitchen or space a more modern look without hiring an electrician. Great for adding adequate lighting for cooking. meal preps and cleaning those hard to see areas on your counter tops. Awesome for giving your shelves around your home that pop it needs! ADJUSTABLE: Each fixture has 3 different color temperatures (3000K. 4000K. and 5000K) and can be easily changed with the switch. Since the color temperature can be easily adjusted; you can meet different demands in areas that require more task lighting like workbenches. washrooms. and offices. Also great as a kitchen or bathroom night light! LINKABLE – Great for coverage lighting! Fixtures can be linked together directly with built-in male/female connectors. Maximum load is 180W. We also provide a connector cord to space them further apart if needed. Each fixture has an on/off switch so they can be operated independently. (Instructions Provided) ENERGY EFFICIENT & LONG LASTING: With its strong output of 900 Lumens (equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb) there is no need to light up a whole room for a small area of lighting. This translates to saving money on energy bills each month. Each fixture has built in LED strips that wont need replacing for the next 50.000 hours! This means you can have over 10 Years of continuous service for 8 hours of lighting per day. ETL LISTED & EASY INSTALLATION: These fixtures are tested to meet ETL's strict safety and quality standards. Installation is fast and simple! You are provided with two types of mounting brackets for different types of areas. Can be mounted to wood and drywall surfaces. (installation instructions are included) and a 5-foot power cord that plugs into any standard 120-volt outlet.

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